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The Economics of Taylor Swift


I finally caved and bought the new Taylor Swift album.   I had been patiently awaiting the arrival of 1989 on Rhapsody (aka Spotify for old people), the monthly subscription music service I use, only to discover that Miss Swift will not be releasing her album to any streaming services.  In fact, Swift recently pulled [...]

Education for Sale


Earning a high school diploma is tantamount to taking your first step on the ladder of American success– wedged somewhere in between your first high school job as a pizza delivery guy and your first college job as a…pizza delivery guy.   But without that essential first step, life is…bleak.   So those who have [...]

Footballers of the world unite!


Maybe it’s because I’m a Wildcat alum, maybe it’s because I’ve watched He Got Game one too many times, or maybe it’s because I’m a pinko-commie bastard (probably that last one), but I feel very proud about what’s been happening with Northwestern’s football team.   In a landmark decision this March, the Chicago office of [...]